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ASHRAE, in its desire to broaden its scope of activities in the world and thereby make possible a more effective and fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas among engineers engaged in the arts and sciences of HVAC&R, created the Associate Society Alliance in 1962.

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ASHRAE 2016 Winter Conference

January 23 – 27, Orlando, Florida, USA

"The 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference will have a fresh feel with new tracks focused on design-build practices and residential systems. We'll continue our emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability while addressing current engineering and construction practices outside of the U.S. and Canada. We're also taking one of the most attended conference program styles and making an entire track out of debates. I think we'll be offering our attendees some great programs that align well with current trends in HVAC&R engineering," Jennifer Leach, conference chair, said.

Free ASHRAE Webcast

Making Net Zero Net Positive:
Solving the Efficiency & Cost Paradox

When: April 21, 2016 – 1:00 – 4:00 pm EDT
On Demand: April 22 – May 6

This webcast will feature industry experts who will define the importance of, and why we should strive for, net zero in the built environment. Viewers will be able to identify behaviors that create more effective ownership, design and construction teams, and will recognize the value of a collaborative process in building design and the impact on costs. With a strong emphasis on real-world applications, the program will also discuss the primary technical and financial challenges in achieving net zero buildings, and where this design approach can best be applied.

Click here for more information about the program, speakers, and registration.


2015.10.16 - Call for papers for Clima 2016 ends November 2015. Learn More »

The 12th REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2016, the leading International scientific congress in the field of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning) will take place in Aalborg, Denmark in May 2016.

CLIMA 2016 is a congress for all stakeholders in the building sector as it deals with the whole life cycle of buildings and their HVAC systems from design specification to demolition and reuse.

2015.10.19 - The Department of Energy (DOE) participates in collaborative international activities through the IEA Heat Pump Programme (HPP) to ensure that the results of international research efforts are used to the maximum benefit of DOE’s programmatic goals. Participation in the IEA HPP provides awareness and insight to the latest International R&D and technology developments (notably in Asia and Europe) directed toward improved buildings energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) manages theIEA HPP U.S. National Team for the on behalf of DOE’s Building Technologies Program. The U.S. National Team is made up of members from industry, university, government, and non-profit organizations.

Ground source heat pumps generally give the largest energy savings of all heat pump types. However, they also generally require the largest initial investments; thus, for any GSHP installation this trade-off has to be taken into account.

The latest Heat Pump Centre’s Newsletter, No 3/2015 is devoted to Ground Source Heat Pumps. Read the Newsletter ».